Pennsylvania Labor Law Poster Laminated #OSPPA




24″ x 26″

Pennsylvania Requirements:
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance Information Posting
  • Employment Provisions, Unlawful Discrimination Posting
  • Abstract of Child Labor Law
  • Right-to-Know Posting
  • Human Relations Commission Discrimination Postings
    • Public Accomodation
    • Fair Lending
    • Fair Housing
  • Equal Pay Law Posting
  • Unemployment Compensation Posting
  • Minimum Wage Law Summary
  • Emergency Numbers Fill-In-The-Blank

The state and federal government mandates that both state and federal posters be posted. We offer all the required postings on 2 separate posters for ease of updating. To purchase the State and Federal posters, you can purchase the Pennsylvania Labor Law Poster Laminated at $10.95 and the Federal Labor Law Poster Laminated at $10.95. These posters come with 2-sided lamination for durability at no extra cost.

Obtaining the state posting requirements has never been easier with the Pennsylvania Labor Law Poster Laminated. The Pennsylvania Labor Law Poster Laminated has all the state mandated notices required to be posted at the workplace on one poster 24″ x 26″. Order your posters today by simply indicating your quantity.

To be in full compliance, both the state and federal laws must be posted at every worksite. We offer one poster that includes all the federal labor law posters that is 24″ x 33″.

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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 4 × 4 in


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