Food Safety & Personal Hygiene Training Video Kit


Contains: DVD or USB with the following printable items: PowerPoint Presentations, Exposure Control Manual, Quiz & Certificate, and more…

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Good personal hygiene and proper food handling play a vital role in the health and well-being of not only yourself but those whom you serve. Research has shown that improper food handling, preparation and storage and bad personal hygiene can and will result in food poisoning (also referred to as foodborne illness).
This training kit includes the DVD or USB that includes the following printable items: PowerPoint Presentation (English & Spanish), Manual, Program Outline (English & Spanish), Quiz (English & Spanish), Answer Key, Certificate & Training Log/Sign-In Form
National Safety Compliance has developed this training video and materials to assist employers in complying with these regulations.
The following is a preview of the Food Safety & Personal Hygiene video:
Electrical Safety Kit includes the 19 minute video on DVD or USB with the following printable items:

English Leader’s Guide/Outline
Spanish Leader’s Guide/Outline
English PowerPoint Presentation
Spanish PowerPoint Presentation
English Exposure Control Manual
English Employee Quiz
Spanish Employee Quiz
English Certificate

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