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Universal precautions for employees who are exposed to blood or other infectious materials

  • BE AWARE: Treat all blood and body fluids as if they were infected with…
  • KNOW Color codings..
  • READ All signs and labels carefully
  • ALWAYS Wash Hands
  • FOLLOW Safe Hygiene and Work Practices
  • DISPOSE Of personal protective equipment and contaminated laundry properly in designated areas or containers.
  • READ All of your organization’s exposure control plan
  • KNOW Procedures, practices, vaccination requirements and appropriate reporting for incidents of exposure.
  • USE Personal protective equipment appropriate for your work.
  • NEVER Recap, bend or break needles
  • ALWAYS Dispose of needles in appropriate containers.
  • CLEAN Worksite and decontaminate equipment. Follow all safe handling requirements.
  • REMEMBER To consider all body fluids as potentially infectious.

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